Friday, December 5, 2014

Insanity's Blade on Steam!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but between being really busy at university (I'll share some code soon), working, and developing Insanity's Blade I have some cool news, Insanity's Blade is officially released on Steam for Windows PC's today!!

The game has really changed since the first Kickstarter, Chris upgraded all the graphics to 16bit, and it now has both an 8bit and 16bit soundtrack (changeable in the options!), and we added 2 player local co-op!

Go check it out on it's store page at:

You can also check out these cool screenshots below :) 


There was also the really cool arcade machine that Richard Black from Old School Games made for the game at Hal-Con 2014! Here's an image of him and Chris standing by it:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Launched a Kickstarter! - Insanity's Blade The Ultimate 8Bit Experience

I've teamed up with my good friend Christopher Obritsch to form Causal Bit Games! ( ) and we're running a Kickstarter for our first game together: Insanity's Blade!

What's it about?

Insanity's Blade is based on a comic series of the same name that Chris wrote a long time ago, the game itself though also pays tribute to the classic NES/8-bit style, right down to using nsf format music (actually playable on a real *Japanese* NES console!).

However, we're also bringing some newer graphical features and effects, and putting way more action than the old NES could handle (without icky slow-down and flickering!). We're also adding a dash more violence to make you really feel like a man who's hell-bent on revenge against the demons that killed his family (oh, did I not mention the story is of a man who's hell-bent on revenge against demons from hell that killed his family?)

What's it look like?

I'm glad you asked, here is some media from the game:

Can I try it?

Yes! We've uploaded a demo to the Kickstarter page!

So.. where's the Kickstarter?

It's right here at , we hope you like how the game looks and would love your support in making it even better!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Packt Publishing - 50% eBooks this weekend!

The publisher of my book Construct Game Development: Beginner's Guide is having a pretty cool 50% off sale this weekend on all of their eBooks!

Details of the promotion are in the image above, just enter the promo code BIG50 at the checkout page to use it!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My First Ludum Dare - ESCAPE BASE 10

I've been itching to participate in the Ludum Dare for a while now, so I'm very excited to submit my first game - ESCAPE BASE 10. This definitely reminded me that graphics and SFX/Music aren't my strong points, but it was fun to make a complete game in less than 20 hours.

To play the game, visit

Created in Construct 2, music recorded in Audacity, SFX generated in SFXR, and graphics drawn in MSPaint/Paint.Net combo =]   (HTML5 version currently uploading, source and Win32 binary available now)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Construct Classic R2 - Examples Kit

I've been using Construct Classic, a free & open source Direct-X 9 based 2D game development tool, to make games and share a few examples on the Scirra forums for a few years now. After looking through how many files "a few" is, I figured it might be handy for newer users to have a compiled version of all* my examples and source files in one zip file =]

I'll keep an updated changelog at the bottom of the post, so check back once in a while for updates!

Download the zip file here: Jayjays (70.6MB)

Download the latest version of Construct Classic [vR2] here: Construct Classic R2 (16.2MB)

Construct Classic is getting a bit old now, but still works well while its successor: Construct 2 is another great tool from the Scirra team and exports to multiple platforms thanks to its basis in HTML5.

*Note: Example code from my book: Construct Game Development: Beginner's Guide is not included as it belongs to Packt Publishing
-Version 1 of the example kit uploaded

Usage Permissions:
All example files (subfolder "Examples") and graphics (subfolder "Graphics") are free for commercial use unless otherwise stated in their documentation. Credit is optional but appreciated.
Full game source codes (subfolder "Games") are free for learning purposes/non-commercial works. Credit is again optional, however any commercial use of the resources or base codes of those games is not permitted.
For further usage concerns not covered please contact me.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Past Games: SimpleFPS V2.2

What It Is:
SimpleFPS is literally a "Simple First Person Shooter game" I created with Blitz3D between 2007 and 2008. You're able to run around a large plane and scale tall buildings while trying to survive an endless battle against the grey blocks and spheres that seek and attack you.

The game has no gore/violence, so it should be safe for any age audience.

The title menu for SimpleFPS 2.2

-Modifiable graphics and sounds
-Randomly generated levels
-Flying and ground enemies
-Random and level/score mode
-Open source*

*The full source is included in text format, requires Blitz3D to compile/edit.

An example of graphics mods in SFPS 2.2

Download it here:
Or, play it on GameJolt:

Note: The game is no longer in development, but please do let me know if you have any crashes or bugs. Tested on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, and Windows 8 64-bit.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

HTML5 RTS game: Dust And Destruction

Scirra hosted a Windows 8 game competition from the 4th to the 21st this December and I decided to try my hand at making a RTS with randomly generated levels, barely managed to submit it just in time for the 14th (Giving 7 days for Microsoft to hopefully approve it). So far it's only three days work, but here's what my friend and I were able to do with the pre-made graphics from the Construct 2 art pack!
If you'd like to try it early, you can play it at this link: (works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer 10, no time to test it in Chrome yet) We'll definitely add some more cool features like additional building construction and a tougher AI at some point after the competition. Oh, and happy to fix any bugs anyone finds as well =]


Published to Chrome Web Store (crunched down to 10MB, plays offline): Dust And Destruction Chrome Edition

Published to (possible future integration with leaderboards of rank and achievements): is nice! Now it's a Facebook app:

Edit 20/12/2012: Finally made it after a third submission! Download it here